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We are currently in the process of developing a Fall league beginning in September 2015. Are you interested in competing? Send us your info. and we will keep you up to date on details.

Projected Plan for Fall 2015 League

Leagues will be co-ed and will consist of 5v5 play. Each team is allowed up to 8 players with a minimum of 5 players. Each team needs a minimum of 2 girls.  A minimum of 2 girls have to be on the field at all times. No goalie.

Games consist of two 12 minutes halves and a 5 minute halftime. It is a stopped clock for out of bounds, goals, substitutions, etc… Each team has one 2-minute timeout per game. In case of a draw, we will have one 5 minute period.

The age minimum is 18. All players must read the rules and sign a waiver.

There will be 5 weeks of regular play and then 1 week of playoffs.  The regular season games will be held on Tuesdays at Ping Tom Memorial Park at 6:45, 7:30 and 8:15. The playoffs will be single elimination and held on a Saturday starting at 2:00pm. Sign up Deadline is August 15, 2015 at 2pm. Full payment is required to register.

Price = $500/Team or $65/Individual
(We do our best to place all individual signups, but it is not guaranteed.  If we are unable to find you a team we will refund you the entire amount)

Team rosters and waivers must be submitted before first game. If they are not, team will not be able to compete and you will forfeit 50% of your league fee.

Prices Include: Paid referee, equipment, prize for winners, 5 weeks of single header regular season play and playoff game. 

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