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Welcome to Bustin’ Bubbles

Bubble Soccer is an exciting new sport that’s sweeping the nation. It’s a game where players run around wearing giant bubble balls that cover their top halves. The objective of this game is to score against your opponent and knock each other down while doing so. You won’t need a goal keeper because you can’t use your hands. It’s just like playing soccer, but in a huge bubble.

Teams of 5 of 6 will compete in a game until one team scores 5 points. When a player hears the whistle, they rush into the center to find and kick a soccer ball. While protected in your bubble you will try to score goals without getting knocked out. Rolling flipping bouncing, bumping and bouncing are encouraged!!!

Its not about having soccer skills or physical ability it’s about having an amazing time. People get so busy with bumping into other players, they forget about scoring. Once you’re strapped into this huge bouncy bubble ball the fun begins!! You’re guaranteed to feel like a kid again. It is an awesome time while getting a great workout with tons of laughter. Once you try it you will be a fan. Its fun and competitive. You will have more fun than you can imagine.
Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, and entertaining experience. Let us be a part of your next event. Bustin’ Bubbles will be the hit of your party. Make your party the only place your guest will want to be. They will be talking about this forever.

We offer both children and adult size balls!!!!!

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