Additional Games

More than just soccer...

Sumo Wrestling
Opponents face each other in a ring. They push, grabble and try to throw their opponent to the ground or out of the ring. This can be played with groups or one on one.

Last Man Standing
Teams will be (4-5) a side. Once a player gets knocked down, he/she is eliminated. The winner will be the last man standing.

Bubble Bowling
Just like bowling except you are the pins and the bowling ball!

Two teams compete with the objective of putting down the “general” of the opposing team. Each team will have one general whom they must protect. Whosever general goes down first looses.

Dodge Bubble
Two teams will battle. Each time a player touches the ground, he is eliminated. If a player tries to bump into another player and they miss and hit the ground, they are out and the other team can bring in another player. At the end of the allotted time frame, whoever has the most players in the game at the end, wins!

Obstacle Run
We can create an obstacle course for you! Knocking your opponents down along the way will help lead you to the victory! Whoever gets to the finish line first wins!

Bubble Roll
It’s a race! There are teams of two, one pusher and one roller. Whoever reaches the finish line first, wins!

Glow Bubble
We can also have Glow Bubble Fun! Take any of these games and play them in the dark!